Most of the time, your dentist doesn’t actually make your night guard with their own hands. All they do is simply take an impression of your teeth, and then ask you to come back in two weeks. Why?

After you leave the dentists’ office, your dentist actually ships the impressions of your teeth off to a dental lab (just like us), where the lab handles the process of creating your custom night guard. Then, the lab ships the completed product back to the dentist, along with a bill for a fraction of the price you pay. When you return to the dentists’ office a few weeks later, the dentist gives you the custom night guard while charging you $400-$800, or more!

Here at Easy Teeth Guard, we believe that quality custom night guards should be accessible for everyone at an affordable price. We offer custom made night guards directly from the source: the same professional dental lab that dentists use.  Our lab is owned and operated by a dental lab technician with over 25 years of experience in the dental industry. We’ve delivered thousands of perfectly fitted night guards and dentures to local dentists nationwide!



Getting a professionally made, custom fitted night guard from is super simple!

  1. Order: Place your order online and we will send you an easy to use at-home impression kit.
  2. Mail: After taking impressions of your teeth using the plastic trays and putty, mail them back to us in the prepaid, pre-addressed envelope provide in your kit.
  3. Receive: Your custom-fit night guard will be completed in 6-10 days and be on its way back to you!

The highly experienced dental technicians at our professional dental lab will use your teeth impressions to create a replica of your mouth. They then custom-fit the night guard for your optimal comfort and protection.

We offer FREE Shipping on all orders within the US! Throughout the entire process, you will pay nothing more than the up-front cost of the night guard.